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Child Support and Visitation Enforcement

What do you do when a parent stops paying child support or prevents you from visiting the child? There are legal remedies to address both issues. Far too often custodial parents  are forced to carry the entire financial burden of raising a child. In Texas, a party who is owed child support can file a lien against the other party's real or personal property. And while some custodial parents suffer financially, non custodial parents are often forced to go extended periods of time without seeing their child, which should also be addressed in court. If you aren't receiving child support or are being denied access to your child, we can help. Call today for a consultation.


Small Businesses

Contracts, employment agreements, nondisclosure agreements there are just a few things that every small business owner needs. Everyday you run your business without the proper legal documents is another day you run the risk of losing everything you've worked so hard to build. Protect yourself. Call and speak with an attorney about your business needs. 


Expungements & Non Disclosures

Ready for a fresh start? Texas law allows for some criminal charges to be  hidden from potential employers or even erased from your record completely. Don't let your past prevent you from having a better tomorrow. Call today for a consultation.